Grow your blog by tracking real reads.

Bots, bounces, and quick skims - all of these count as “visits” in traditional site analytics. Parable tracks real reads instead, so you know who’s paying attention.


“Parable has helped me improve my writing no end.”

James Barboza James Barboza

“Great insight for anyone writing online!”

Alice Reed Alice Reed
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Read conversion for every post

The view and scroll depth statistics provided by Google Analytics don't tell you if your content is actually being read.

Parable is different. It keeps a real read count and conversion score for every post it tracks so you can stop guessing and see clearly who’s actually reading your content.

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Intelligent read tracking

More than a scroll depth measure, Parable's read tracking continuously monitors your blog posts for activity.

We analyse visitor interactions to determine when they’re reading, and when they aren’t, and factor in article length and reading speed. This all happens in real time, and we continuously update our algorithms for accuracy.

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Tailored to your business

Different organisations have different thresholds for what “real read” looks like from their visitors, so Parable lets you choose.

You can switch between three levels of strictness. At the lowest level, 50% of each post must be read to count as a real read, and at the highest, 90% must be read.

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See visits and visitors too

Reads are what matters, but visits and visitors provide complete context for your blog’s traffic.

Parable tracks these too, showing, showing them right alongside your real read data so you can judge the overall performance of your blog as a whole, individual posts, or traffic sources.

Parable works with all self hosted blogs, and most major blogging platforms.