Blog posts bombing? Parable shows you why.

Real read counts, focus levels, reading time, reader scroll depths and more. Parable provides reader analytics that turn your blog into a powerful marketing channel.


“Zero to 1,000 monthly readers. Thanks parable!”

Juliet Thompson Juliet Thompson

“Parable has helped me improve my writing no end.”

James Barboza James Barboza
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See your real readers

The “view” and “visitor” counts provided by services like Google Analytics aren’t helpful for written content.

Parable’s “real read” graph shows you how many readers are actually completing your posts each day, and our real read conversion score will give you a measure to improve.

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Improve your posts

It can be difficult to understand why your posts aren’t getting as much traction as you’d expected.

Parable provides read depth, read time, reader focus and reader browser information for every visit to your blog so you can diagnose, edit, and improve your writing.

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Measure your growth

What you can’t measure you can’t improve, but measuring the success of your posts can be tricky.

Parable automatically keeps track of key performance measures for all your posts individually, so you can identify your most compelling writing and curate your blog.

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Keep on getting better

If half your visitors read your posts to completion, is that bad, good, or great?

Parable lets you compare the performance of individual posts to others from your sites so you can see how your posts hold up and understand where there’s room for improvement.

Why choose Parable?

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Simple setup

Tell us your blog’s name and domain, and then add our HTML snippet to your site. That’s all you need to do for instant, actionable insight on your writing.

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Protects everyone’s privacy

Parable doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information or track visitors between sites. In fact, we actively work to store as little data as possible.

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No cookies necessary

We’re fully GDPR compliant and don’t store any data in your reader’s browser. Instead, we identify returning users using an untraceable encrypted digital fingerprint.

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Fast and lightweight

Our tracking snippet weighs in at just 1.5KB, doesn’t block your page load, and uses minimal system resources while tracking behavior.

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Support from real people

All paid accounts receive support from real people qualified to solve your problems. Just email us with your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Generous free trial

Track 1000 blog visits without paying for a thing with our free trial. No card details are required on sign-up, and once you start a subscription you can cancel any time.

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Simple, sensible pricing

Your first 1000 visits are completely free, so you can try before you buy. Once you have a subscription, you can cancel it at any time.

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Cancel with ease

Canceling a subscription shouldn't be hard. If you no longer need our product, cancel your subscription directly from your account settings area in a few clicks.

Parable works with all self hosted blogs, and most major blogging platforms.