Simple, transparent, affordable pricing.

Your first 1,000 visits free, $10 per month after that, and the option to cancel easily at any time.

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Your first 1,000 visits free

We don’t want you paying for something you’re not sure about.

Parable tracks your first 1,000 blog post visits for free. For solo bloggers this means getting your blog off the ground without paying a penny, and for larger businesses you can try before you buy.

A grid of key stats, comparing the current blog with the average of all blogs on the Parable platform.
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$10 per month after that

Solid blog post analytics needn’t be expensive, so ours isn’t.

For $10 per month you’ll have unrestricted access to all the features you need to measure and grow your blog. What’s more, payments are processed by Stripe, so you can rest assured your private information is handled securely.

The Parable checkout page, a simple collection of payment details handled securely by Stripe.
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Cancel easily at any time

We hate products that make it hard to cancel, so we’ve done things differently.

Parable lets you cancel your subscription at any time, and in a few clicks, right from the app itself. Simply navigate to the subscription settings area and choose between ending your subscription, or deleting your account entirely.

The Parable subscription management features, allowing easy cancellation of a subscription or deletion of an entire account.

Parable works with all self hosted blogs, and most major blogging platforms.